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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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728 Celoeno; ce should be ae.

729 thee knot claspt, the end. 731 soly; cf. II, 575.


1 carks; see II, 792. quandare, quandary.

2 with firebayt smoldred is hooked, is hooked with the bait of smouldering fire

5 hert, heart.

mustring, (as) on parade. >

6 carcking; cf. IV, 1. cratchet, crotchet.

8 shaads, shades. 10 merueyle, marvel.

12 how braue he dooth court yt, how bravely he endeavours to gain favour or attention. Note the formal object "yt".

14 pettegre; cf. I, 386.

15 pitfle, pitiful, to be pitied for its littleness or meanness.

17 foresnaffled, snaffled beforehand. Had I not firmly resolved beforehand. votarye, consecrated by a vow.

20 pipling; the N.E.D. says: ? transf. (literal meaning: to blow with a gentle sound)cf. II, 745.

bedgle; the word explains itself; cf. Du. beddepret.

21 oane; cf. III, 648.

this one faulty trespas; viz. her marriage with Aeneas. 23 Sichceus; ce should be ae.

25 od; cf. II, 283.

26 I perceive the scorched traces of an old passion.

28 dyng, knock, dash or violently drive (a thing) in some direction.

lymbo; cf. III, 399. 30 shamefasf, bashful, modest.

32 hardlye, carefully.

33 replennisht, shed (tears) plentifully on. 35 ioylitye, jollity, joy.

37 charuel; misprint for charnel.

Weene ye that a scalp of a charnel In heedeth oure lyking, Do you tiunk that the bones of a dead man pay attention to our love. In is a puzzling word. Perhaps St. means: Charnel Inn. This may seem a bold suggestion for a Charnel House, but it is not at all unlikely in St. who calls the Cyclops'den "a palace".

39 ne, nor.

40 rest, are.

41 lustte, jostle.

pleasd looue, love satisfied with its object.

42 wyl ye be f orgetting. The progr. form expresses emphasis here, besides repetition.

44 vnhowsed; unoccupied by houses. Lat. inhospita Syrtis.

45 soale; cf. II, 575. 49 pelted, beat.

52 renowmed; cf. I, 81. 54 frollick; cf. I, 745.