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Richard Stanyhurst's Aeneis

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edg toole, edged tooi, sword. passage fatal, journey of life. «np 734 waste, was it.

736 quight; cf. III, 3.

forlorne, lost. isMI**! souple, supple, heal, soothe.

737 batterd; perhars: I, battered?

740 woodpile. The. earliest instance recorded is dated 1696, Aubrey Muse VI, 68 "The Cook maid going to the Woodpile to fetch wood to dress supper".

741 bracing, embracing. haulf quick; cf. III, 630.

742 grunt, groan.

gellye blud, blood like jelly, neither liquid, nor hard.

743 napkin, cloth, handkerchief.

744 weixing, waxing, growing.

the deadly push (of the sword) is painful.

746 whirlygig eyesight, rolling eyes; a very curious adj.

747 belling; cf. II, 786.

skrich crye, screech cry. Not recorded.

749 pangs, agony.

750 passadge, passing away, death. propped Olympus; cf. IV, 257.

751 auoyding, removing?

752 buckling; cf. I, 500. iustling; cf. IV, 41.

753 where as, since. parture, departure.

756 ding, cf. IV, 28.

758 reshyning, reflected.

759 on her head, at Dido's head.

762 her heat fading, the warmth of the body decreasing, her life faded into the wind

THE DESCRIPTION OF LIPAREN 3 tamponds, tampions, stoppers, plugs.

5 tosters, toasters; evidently so called because they are always standing at the forge, as one who toasts bread stands before the fire.

chamferye, chamfer- or channelwise. The only instance recorded. sharded, reduced to shards of fragments.

6 dub a dub, imitative of the sound; cf. 1553; Udal Royster D. IV, vii (Arb.) 74 "Now Saint Géorge to borow. Drum dubbe a dubbe a fore".

tabering, taboring, beating upon a tabor or drum. rip rap; cf. II, 505.

7 yawl, cry out loudly.

8 gads, spikes, bars.

parchfulye; N.E.D.? in a parched or burning state. 10 fordgd harth, forge + hearth.

12 rakehells; cf. I, 146. yrne, iron.

13 baerlym, bare-limbed. The only instance recorded.