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The booke of the common prayer, 1549

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la. ME. ir < OE. ri: bird, third.

lb. ME. ir < OF. ir :

mirre, vyrgyn, infirmities, affirmed, sir, syr.

2. Note the form fyrkyns and cf. OED. 5 ferdekyn, ferken, 6 fifyrken.

3. Vertuefs 13713 +(7) and vertuously (2) represent the OF. form


4. Sirname 11432', 23218'. This is an adaptation of the French surnom. 'The spellings sirname, sirename are due to etymologizing alteration on Sir sb. Sire sb. quasi 'father's name.' OED.

2. ME. er. For ME. er see er > ar.

3. ME. ar. This sound is represented in the following words:

a. from OE. var: burne (OE.pp. burnen), cursse, furlonges, turtle.

b. from OE. yr: churche, further, murther, barden, burthen.

c. from OF. ar; korte, surples, murmured.

d. from OF. ur: curteous, purge, turne, furnished, scorge, iorneying, performe, forme, pourge, scourge, courteous, iourneyed, perfourme, enfourme, fourme, refourme.

For a discussion of the spellings u, o and oa in French words see u or ut.

4,OE. yr. The distribution of ir(yr), er, ar for OE. yr is the same as in MoE.:

a. birth, first, gird, gyrd, thirst.

b. burden, burthen, church; further, murther, murder.

c. mery.

The exceptions are:

bloudthursty, stiere, steare (by the side of stirre).

The verb stir (QE. styrigean, ME. styriefn, stire(n, stirre) occurs in the following forms:

stirre up(pe 23025', 37103', stiere up 22033', stiered up 24710', steare up 11101'. The vowel, whatever its quality, was originally short in ME. The i-form was subject to lengthening in the North. Jordan § 70. According to Luick, monosyllabic stir was not lengthened, bisyllabic it became e:, e.g.: ste:res in the 13th c. HG. § 393. This would explain the ie-spellings, which in that case, would stand for e:.