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The booke of the common prayer, 1549

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Table giving a comparison of The Lord's Prayer, Te Deum, Benedictus, Magnificat and Nunc dimittis as they occur in the Prayer Book of 1549, the Primer of 1546, the Manuall of 1539 and the Primer of 1535. Only deviations from the Prayer Book version are given. Cf. Intr. p. XIV.l)

Prayer Book 1549. Matins.

a. The Lord's Prayer p.21. in earthl(forgeue(2) )

b. Te Deum. p.23. we knowlage

the earth doeth wurship thee, the father To thee al Angels cry aloud, all the powers

To thee Cherubin, and Seraphin

Holy, holy, holy, Lorde God of Sabaoth

Heauen and earth are replenyshed with

the maiestie



whan/whan/ouercomed p.24. helpe/bloud sainctes wurship

c. Benedictus. Luke 1.68-79. p.26. he hath visited and redemed

an hornejto

As he spake by the mouth of His holy Prophetes:

which hath bene syns that hate vs sware (geue) p.27. (to geue) an hygh (geue) them


d. Magnificat. Luke 1.46-55. p.29. doth (magnifie)

(spirite) reioysed lowelinesse

from henceforth all generacions shal cal hath magnified me, and holy thë/throughoute al generacions their hartes p.30. sente awaye emptye

e. Nunc dimittis. Luke II. 29—32. woorde

myne iyesjsaluacion (for to lighten)

Primer 1546 (C. 35.a.l8) 2).

The Lord's Prayer, the same as in P.I in yearth/forgeue (2) euyl.

Te Deum (in Matins). we knoweledge the yearth/worshyp

al powers

heauen and yearth are full of the





healpe blood



Benedictus (in Laudes). the horne/to

hath ben sithens shulde

sware (geue) (to geue) an hygh (geue) theym

(almost literally the same as in Prayer Book)

Magnificat (in Evensong). doeth

hath reioysed hencefurth

theym/throughout al generations

their heart

sent emptye awaye

Nunc dimittis (in Complin).


eyes/saluation (for to lyghten)

Manuall 1539 (C. 12.e.l3)

>. [absent]

Te Deum. knowlege

do worshyp the, which arte To the crye forthe all angels, the powers

To the thus cryeth Cherubyn and Seraphyi contynually

Holy art thou (3). Thou art the Lorde Goe

of hostes.


[There are considerable differences from th( primer of 1546 and from the First Prayei Book.1


an home/vnto

euen as he promysed

which were syns

shulde/of them that hate vs


[Different both from Primer 1546 and P.B. 1549.]

Magnificat. magnifieth

sprete hath reioyced lowe degre

now from hens forth shall all generacions hath done to me greate thynges, and blessed [etc] [different]

Nunc dimittis. promysse

my eyes/sauynge helthe [etc]

Primer 1535. (C.25.g.l7)

[In the main the same as the Manuall

of 1539, but with the following deviations :]

[absent] Te Deum.

erthe mought worshyp (erth)


graciously visited and redemed

our myghty helth

prophetes of a longe tyme paste


Magnificat. , ( magnifieth) spirite reioyseth on the poore (degree)

hath magnified me, wherfore blessed [etc]

Nunc dimittis. promysse the sauiour [etc]

1) A full comparison of the texts of 1535 and 1539 with that of 1546 or the Prayer Book text is not piven hPrP Th* ft> . aa „a u

used for the Prayer Book can only have been the 1546 text. (see also table V). 6 ^ quotatlons adduced here *how that the text

2) This column only contains differences in wording and the main differences in spelling as compared with the Prayer Book.