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The booke of the common prayer, 1549

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Peculiar spellings occurring in the Order of the Communion of 1548, and compared with the corresponding passages in the Prayer Book of 1549.

The Order of the Communion. March 8th, 1548. (Grafton).

p.1. Fraunce/in erthe/hed/holdê/blissed/bludde/thensfurth/least (= \est)/blissed/preuye (= ptivy)/ blessed.

p.2. four me/a ucthoritie/tha duise(=the advice) /furth (2) /blessed/unworthyjbloude/awne (=own)/ dampnacion/them selfes (2)/them (reg.) /further/ernestly/entende / aucthorite/more (adv.).

p.3. awne/authoritie/hotly/wold/to

missike our Judgement/or woulne not do/worde/earnest/ priuey/ furth/doubt/subiettes (t=cf).

p.4. personne (=parson)/geue/those which be presente/therto.

The Book of the Common Prayer. x) March 7th, 1549. (Whitchurch).

The Prayer Book has no similar passage.

From this line onward the wording in the Prayer Book is derived from the Communion Office.

dere frendes/you (voc) entende bloude/frmctfull/be (lrst pl.)/ wher of/we be/hartye.

p.5. stedfaste/earnest/more (adv.)/

harty/geuen (4)/unworthy/death/ shed (pp.)/bludde/bloude/receaue/ worthely/unworthely /searchef awne/should.

p.6. banket/worthye/euell/unfayned/ harte /woorde/requier/hartes/thamendement/emonges your selfes/ neig hboures Ihartes/hatered

p.7. forgeue (2)/other (p\.)/woulde/ shoulde

Here follows a passage in which Communion Service.

p.27233 intende/ p273 fruitfull/

whereof/wee bee.



worthilye/( unworthely) /serche/



hearte/worde/require / p.274 thamendment/



the Prayer Book deviates from the

x) Only deviations from the Communion Service are mentioned ; final e, and the use of i or y being eliminated.