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De landelijke arme blanken in het Zuiden der Vereenigde Staten

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degree and extent of poverty and destitution exist'in the Southern States among a certain class of people, almost unknown in the manufacturing dïstncts of the North. The poor white man will endure the evils of pinching poverty, rather than engage in servile labor under the existing state of things, even were employment offered him, which is not general The white female is not wanted at service, and ia? she were, she would however humble in the scale of society, consider such service a degree of degradabon to which she could not condescend; and she has, therefore no resource but to suffer the pangs of want and wretchedness. Boys and' girls by thousands, destitude both of employment and the means of education, grow up to ignorance and poverty, and, too many of them, to vice and crime. This picture is no exaggeration; it is strictly true in all its details ... The writer knows, from personal acquaintance and observation, that poor Southern pefsons, male and female, are glad to avail themselves of individual efforts to procure a comfortable livelihood in any employment deerned respectable for white persons. They make applications to cotton mills, where such persons are wanted, in numbers beyond the demand for labor; and when admitted there, they soon assume the industrious habits and decency in dress and manners, of the operatives in Northera factones T).

Ook door iemand uit Missouri werd in het tijdschrift van De Bow de aandacht gevestigd op de geringe kansen van de arjaere blanke_boeren in het Zuiden en hun algemeen ongunstigen toestand «).

De manieren, waarop personen als de hier aangehaalden verbetering voor de arme blanken hoopten te verkrijgen, liepen niet zeer uiteen. Tarver beval aan, naast een in het algemeen meer veelzijdige economische ontwikkeling der Zuidelijke Staten, de schapenteelt op de onvruchtbare gronden te be-l\

vorderen the non-sIavehoTomg part ot the population

would be furnished with a most pleasant and profitable nursuit...." 9). Maar hij meende niet, dat dit zoo gemakkelijk tot stand zou komen: „ .... an inducement must be afforded before these non-slaveholders can be persuaded to embark ih this — to them — new pursuit. They are a class of men who possess but little enterprize or foresight, they are not over-fond of labor, and must be well convinced that they will be rewarded before they will agree to work" 10).

In October 1850 besprak in ditzelfde tijdschrift iemand die zich „a Charleston working man" noemde, de vraag, waar den noodigen arbeid te verkrijgen om de steengroeven van~South Carohnajn exploOTe te brengen. Hij was liber"aaTgenoeg~om te erkennen, dat „Even the whiskey-drinking, potatoe-raising, charcoal-burning Sand-hillers, have quite intellect enough for the dehghtful employment of hammering granite, and if in this way they can be induced to 'do the state some service', it