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Facts and figures about the crisis

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During the years 1929—1931. moreover. the United States imported from the following ex-belligerent, but nonWar-Debt countries. merchandise at a total value of § 2.527.785.000, of which free $1.676.036.000 and dutiable $851.749.000: Germany. British India, Br. Malaya» Ceylon Australia, New Zealand, Br. Africa, Br. West Indies, and Algeria and Tunisia.

As may be seen from the table, whereas during the years 1929 and. 1930 the debtor countries, in respect of the War Debts, had paid about $449.600.000. their free imports during these two years into the U. S. totalled $ 500.228.000 and their dutiable imports $ 789.606.000. They therefore paid for the service of Debts in commodities, more than three times over, and some $ 61.000.000 worth came in Free extra.

It is. therefore, a riddle to any man in his senses how the experts arrivé at their conclusion to the effect that the United States refused payment in commodities.

The following three tables show the total payments ef fected by the War Debt countries during the 10 years ending December 31, 1930. their total imports into the U. S. during the same period. and the total imports into the U. S. during the same period by the other ex-belligerent, but non-War Debt countries.

Payments against the War Debst (Principal and Interest)

from the beginning up to December, 31st-, 1930, by the following War Debt countries. In 1000 dollars *)•

Great Britain. . - ■ 1.845.828

France 465.402

Italy 84.224

Belgium 46.516

Russia 8.749 {seized by U. S.)

Poland 19.555

Czecho Slovakia . . . 16.804

Austria lF- 875


i) Statistical Abstract U. S. 1931. Table No. 210.