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The expositor's Greek Testament

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noiprlou ■ 30. Kal i( öpÜK ai™ d,a<rT^o™ S,8p«9 XaXofi™, oiearpaji^ea, rou AirooTraK toOs (laS^rds imau aóról^ 31. 8iè

"hlmiSta denied^t be laid e^en"" the "etween the two is

any special stress upon the financial HarnaT™6 C y marked, although

character of the ^£,L.oc, aUhoüg'Le /-• " "*

Still apparently retained the description w 7-0were'int^nnl . A* bel'eves that

Jf™ 35 "officers of administration text b? a redac nr ./ f c° re,ce;ved

and finance," see Expositor, u. s., p. qg, Same 1 T.m ^r' q pr e

note, thus adopting a position like that 1 Pet v 12 althni V't,-I7"i19'

of Professor Harnack, who would extend nassao-e 'hL!' , g thls last

the administration duties bevond finance i-f g "amack rejects the reading

to all the functions of the communhv <*"/'" muSt be admitted

But h o we ver this may be (s™lowf and that it is

there is certainly no ground for believiné still rel* ^ Tl®ch- and W. H.), whilst he

SMr 2: ^résr^B s=s

tation was justified hy the secular use of Cor xUi j xliv i ? * T f °me' the term. If indeed we can noint to anv _«;u 4' * ' 4' 5> the terms are

definite influence which connects itself ZJ.'rfa^TTfGwalwn impUcation in

with the introduction of the title into the and Gore ü' \ * „ tkln' "• *•> P- 3<>2,

Christian Church, it is at least as likely! we may sav wfr, ■ 5",1 *

one might say more likely when we th*f * y u Bishop Lightfoot

consider that the Apostles were above th» neW P]>rase°logy began with

aiterihsstis: i r^-'s ,:Ï.ïï s.® rai sijri

Christian Church, and received aChris nrdin» Pn-emine"t°v" 'hose of the tian and a highe7 snintual meanfnT ? "/ Presby'er; although there is no

This one passage in Acts xx. 28 is suf- toli? delegate^ï t'hey 'ma^h*

*£ been^tem W

they were6 toS His^ock' SKh 'the and' TUus


Sleinmetz, Die tuiite'römiichi Gifait'. ftlüÊw'cWlffy' ^'"a

%s & «iïsa.«

separation made by Harnack between L!' ^ , ®«?Y» see critical

phe23T°;r7oer htd^a/"''l/" Ha'u' 11 haT"bee7°;CghtC/ihaSt "t1XX Pau2"!

"pafriarchaJ office'ofTe tp^vW PsX• Tn^3"'8 °' this


' ' " P' 3°2'- In 1116 Pastoral new Christian Society with the ancient