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3) An originally short vowel followed by a voiced consonant, when the length of the consonant is given to the vowel, see § 6.

cad. man. god.

JNote. A short i or u never undergoes this lengthening.

4) The e of the word yes, though the consonant that follows is voiceless (sharp) and not voiced (soft) as in § 6.

All the other vowels are short, or have become diphthongs (see § 4.)

§ 8. The regular short sound of the vowels is as follows:

that of a as in cat.

„ ,, e „ ,, set.

,, i « s't-

„ o „ „ not.

,, u ,, „ cut.

Observe. 1) that e of set is different from Dutch

e in ik zet.

2) that i of sit is different from Dutch

i in ik zit.

3) that o of not is the same before an

m or an n as before d, t, etc.

from, on, with the same o sound as not. See § 1.