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Instead of this, however, we often hear speakers make

the ï-sound very short and unstrest.

- - the 3-sound very long and strest.

L t>

so that the word here is pronounced as if they said yearn without the n.

This is the case with the words:

here. dear. hear. year. near. 72 dj 3 ja jd nja

§ 12. Note on fine = fain and fire = jas.

Just as player, layer can be pronounced in two ways (§ 10), words such as:

liar, higher, etc.

can be heard as: ^ ^ .>

lad, has.

or, because of the clearly feit connection with to lie, high, they can keep the same vowel-sound as the words from which they are derived:

lah, hah.

that: is we get a triphthong.

However, also where we have tö do with no derivative, can the triphthong often be heard:

Ireland = ahlnd.