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Before another vowel.

chaos, ckary. v-

An h betvveen the two vowels makes no difference


§ 17. All vowels are short:

1) In closed syllables, i. e. before one or more consonants.

For exceptions see under the different vowels,

and see § 9. ' ^

-) Before the endings ic. ical. isli. The stress is on the syllable just before these endings.

relish. public1). wj***

But: u is long in:

cubic. music. rubric. tunic.

and the stress is on the antepenult -) in:

Arith'metic. pol'üic. her'etic. lu'natic ar senic. cath'olic. rhet'oric. chol'eric.


') \\ e indicate the stress by placing a mark after the strong-strest syllable. If the vowel in the strong-strest syllable is short, we place the mark after the consonant: rel'ish.

But if the vowel in the strong-strest syllable has its alphabetical sound, the mark is put immediately after it: pe'riod.

2) See note 2 on page 19.

-i t {.fan,. VVV» ' f nrJ *»- li- ,*

UaM - Octvl / -

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