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1) In the past tense and past part. of irregular verbs:

meant. dealt, dreamt, read, spread.

Except: beat.

2) before d, ^ ven, ^ ther, sn,^ sa.

head, heaven, heather, measure, peasant. "

But: mead1). bead. to read. | with ea to plead. to lead2). to knead ) ï;

3) In a number of words, the principal of which are:

heavy, breast. thread. weapon. endeavour.

death. sweat. breath. deaf. zsalot. zealous.

treachery. treacherous. cleanse. seamstress.

cleanly. threaten. threat. •' ' :.j

Note' seamstress is also heard with ea = v.

See § 129.

Observe: it,

Adjective clean | = not dirty.

Adv. cleanly i ea = v. 2

Adj. cleanly j denoting the habit

Adv. cleanlily : of being clean.

Noun cleanliness 3) ] ea — e.

!) mead (= meadow) is used only in higher style. i

2) lead, the metal, has ea = e. I

3) Proverb: cleanliness is next to godliness. ijLu ^tv' ^ j

\ jbL*jL rp+^c.