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Novv just as rhythm is an indispensable element of poetry, it is found in words, i. e. we have a regular alternation of strest and unstrest syllables. It is common to say that in the word


the third syllable (-os) has the stress. W'hen we listen attentively we shall find that this syllabe has indeed the main stress, but also that the lst and 5th syllables have a certain, though less amount of, emphasis not to be heard on the 2nd and 4th: Thus


In most English words there is a regular alternation of a strest and an unstrest syllable. Sometimes, however, the strest returns after two unstrest ones, e. g. in many substantives ending in at ion,

contamination. edification.

Let it further be remembered (See § 119 ff) that in a strest syllable we can have an e-sound or an ë> sound, but as a rule no t-sound, which is found regularly in unstrest syllables.

Keturning to the rule stated in § 28, we find:

a) pres'ent e strong-strest = e.

b) rebel' e unstrest = i.

c) recollect' main-stress on third, secondary

stress on lst; e = as in pres'ent e.