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4) ie — ai -s (2 syllables), before t en tv.

a l

VA \ ""^X —^ f4*" 1 *" diet. anxiety. variety. .invih» r' $*** ^Vv ,vjyZ and *n the words:

fiery. brier. cliënt, science.

§ 47. Ie arising from y bas the same sound as this y.

enemies plural of enemy ie and y = ï-,

allies' „ „ ally ie and y = ai.

Except in the following cases when ie becomes two syllables:

In ordinal numbers:

' twentieth. ie = ï-g.

tv i r 2) In the degrees of comparison.

' happier, happiest, ie = 1-3.

3) In the 2nd person sing. pres. Indic. of verbs in y.

thou triest ie = ai-o.

4) In the 3rd person sing. pres. Indic. in th:

he trieth. ie — ai-s.

§ 48. Ieu = Iew = ü«. in adieu en view. (iW

Note that lieutenant = leften'snt.

and messieurs = mes'hz.