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3) = tvvo syllables: alphab. u + 3, before l, n, r, t.

duel, fluent, duet.

QBut see § 70. , [{va

§ <4. ui has the alphab. !*-sound. But see § 70. . j

suit. fruit, bruit. ^ Except: _

1) ui = i in:

build, built, biscuit, circuit, conduit, guinea.

2) ui = wi in:

cuirass'. lan'guish.


3) ui = two syllables in:

ruin, (in)tuition. »

•4) In English the letter q is invariably follovved by m, therefore, represents the te-sound.

The i that follows is regular:

quilt = kwilt.

quiet = kwaï-zt.

5) When g stood before an e or an i, they often inserted a u af ter the g to denote that it had the sound as in go.

In words therefore beginning with gui as:

yguild, guilt, gUile, guise, & <■<; <■<.» f*.

the gu represents the g sound of go and the i is regular.