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3) If ch stands at the end of polysyllables, that are not English compounds:

monarch, epoch. jn a, L\ L


ostrich (ch = ts).

b) = s.

1) Alter l & )i.

filch, pinch, French,

truncheon, lunchion.

The older sound /s may still be heard in all these words; but s being easier to pronounce, the /-sound is now mostly dropped.

2) In some words taken up from the French, mostly at a recent date.

chamois 1), chaise, champig'non, chandelier', charade2), charlatan, chevalier3), chivalry3), chivalrous3), champagne4), machi'ne5), machïnery5), machi'nis/5), tnarchioness.

c) = dz in the words:

Greenwich6), Woolwich, Harwich, spinach.

But of late years the ch in these words can also be heard as ts. See § 130.

') chamois is pronounced sxm'wJ or 'sxm'wo or sxm'oi or saewi1;.

2) charade pron. sarad'.

3) These words cannot, of course, be of late introductiou.

4) champagne pron. Slmpêin'.

°) See § 43. Observe that machination has ch = k.

B) Greenwich pron. grin'idS.