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§ 93. N is mute finally after m in che same syllable. autumn. solemn When it becomes medial, it remains mute

1) before endings beginning with a cons.


2) before inflectional endings. ^ damning.

§ 94. Ng has three different sounds.

I. The regular sound is that of Dutch zang:

ng has this sound finally:

sing. long.

and keeps this sound in derivatives: singer.

Exc. in the comparatives and superlatives of

long. slrong and young.

in which ng husthe sound describedunder II.

II. The above sound + g of go. Symbol

This sound is heard:

1) Medially, in wcrds where its medial position is not due to some ending.

anger = a/jer. finger =

But autumnal soleninity etc. have sounded H.

3) in kiln.