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c) after de- pre- redeserve, preserve, resent.

But when these prefixes are still clearly feit to signify negation, earlier time, repetition, respectively, the following s is voiceless.

The principal words where this is the case are:

desecrate, desolate, desultory, desuetude, presuppose, presentiment 1), resign 2), (= sign again).

Observe: resurrection with s = z.

2) Finally.

gas. kris.


a) in as, kis, is, was, has.

b) in classical words in es:

series. Hercules.

c) inflectional s, exc. after voiceless consonant.

beads, joys, he goes, he ends.

Note. Final s becoming medial before vowel, = z.

gas s = s.

gasometer s = z.

1) With which comp.: presentment; s = z.

2) „ ,, „ to resign = abdicate', s — z.