Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

can he go? can strong str. a = ce.

can he go? can just before the main stress a = lost.

can he go? can separated from the main stress by one syllable; hence, with secondary stress a = 3.

c) In the auxiliary do followed by you in ques-


What do you say? = d'yd Hovv do you do? = d'yd....

d) In the adverb not, when it is a sentence-


He is not = he izn't.

e) In the expressions:

there is = there' z.

it is = it's.

he is = lie'z.

let us = let's.

1 am = l'm.

f) before l and n when preceded:

1) by another d£»tal .Consonant exc. r.

mutton — mvtn.

prison = prizn.

bottle = botl.

vessel — vesl.