Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

In the mouths of careless speakers it is even entirely lost:

police becoming p'lvs', etc.

ü" becomes li:


Just as o in the preceding case, this ü further becomes 9 in prefixes and open syllables:

to-day = t9 dl'.

to sit = t9 sit.

a remains before the main stress.

artis'tic, trans'late.

becomes 9 after the main stress:


v becomes 9.


ó ,, 0.


<£ ,, 9.

Frenchman 1).

') There is, therefore, no ilifference in pron. between ,,a Frenchman" and ,,two Frenchmcn"; between ,,a gentlemnn" and „two gentlemfn". But the plural: gentlemen has e — e when the word is used to address a company: Ladics and Gentlemen!