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è in their, there.

There was nobodv there = tha thé.

Their names are forgotten = ths

o in not, of, from, on.

The book of John = iv.

It lies on the table = on.

But: What's it made of? = ov.

Because of is not weakstrest here.

ó in or, nor, for.

Good or bad = d.

It's for you = fa.

But: Who's that for? —- fo.

§ 124. The above chapter does not pretend to be more than a feeble attempt at describing the values of vowels in unstrest positions. The subject is an uncommonly difficult one and can not be studied satisfactorily, without careful listening to educated speakers in England itself. A good deal more remains to be said about the amount of stress, the neighbouring consonants, Cockneyisms etc. etc. but this would lie bevond the scope of the present work.