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A. Friedemann Leipzig.

Paul Kohl Chemnitz.

j. B. Robert 's Gravenhage.


Deutscher Philatelisten Verband (2 Med.) Gössnitz S. A.

Jules Bernichon Paris.

M. 2. Booleman Amsterdam.

A. E. flechi Milano.

Paul Kohi Chemnitz.

Maison Misson & Cie . Bruxelles.

Leopoldo Rivolta Milano.

J. THUMIN . Paris.

A. C. Voss Amsterdam.

C. Wafelbakker Amsterdam.

W. Warnsinck Arnhem.

X. Yaar & Co Amsterdam.


Paul Kohl. . Chemnitz.

J. THUMIN Paris.

A. C. Voss Amsterdam.

The Committee is prepared to receive donations of Medals, both from persons resident abroad well as from those resident in Holland. All medals vvill however be provided by the Committee, and the following charges will be made to donors.

Gold Medal fl. 90,— and fl. 75, - (150/— and 135/—).

Silyer-Gilt Meda! fl. 15,— (25/—).

Silver Medal fl. 10,— (16/8).

Bronze Medal fl. 6,— (10/—).

The committee are desirous of according the greatest possible amount of freedom to the Jury in the aliotting of therefore donors of medals are requested to attach no conditions to their gifts,> as to the way in which thev are to be awarded.