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Competitors are requesled as far as possible to use leaves from 13 to 14 inches high, and to 10} inches wide, for mounting their stamps; but leaves of other dimensions will be allowed. The leaves will be exhibited behind stout glass in shallow frames, and albums will be placed open in locked show cases: everything will be under the continual surveillance of a member of the Committee or of some properly appointed person.


Medals will be awarded in all classes, and the Jury will be empowered to award in each Division more than one Gold, Silver-Gilt, Silver, or Bronze medal, should they consider it advisable (except Division II Class 1).


No competitor may receive more than one medal in any one Division, nor more than three in the first three classes.


In default of special arrangements being made all exhibits will be insured by the Committee against risk of fire and burglary: for this insurance exhibitors will be charged 1 per 1000, the minimum charge being fl. 2,50 (4s. 2d.). Exhibits will be covered by insurance as soon as they are actually received by the Committee, and will cease to be covered as soon as they are despatched to their owners, or when, after the close of the exhibition, they are handed over for immediate removai.


The sum due to the Committee for space for exhibits. and for the insurance of the latter (should it be desired to insure) must be forwarded to the Committee at the same time as the exhibit. As long as the amount due remains