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unpaid nothing will be exhibittd, and for any exhibit unaccompanied by a remittance the Committee will assume no responsabillity.


Intending exhibitors must carefully fill up the annexed entry form and forward it to the Secretary as soon as possible, and in any case before 1 March 1909.


The consent of His Excellency The Minister of Finance having been obtained, exhibits from abroad will be admittid free of duty. Under this arrangement exhibits may be sent by sea, rail, or post, but in all cases eacli parcel must have affixed to it two special labels, which may be obtained free of charge from the Committee. Exhibits must arrivé at Amsterdam between May 23th and June lst 1909.

They will be forwarded unopened direct from the frontier to the exhibition building where they will be opened in the presence of a Customs official and a member of the Committee. An advice of despatch together with a declaration of contents in duplicate must be forwarded to the Secretary. Advice of receipt in good condition will be sent immediately on arrival.


All exhibits sent from Holland must be forwarded, carriage paid, to the Secretary, Warmoesstraat 193, Amsterdam, between 25 and 29 May. Senders will be noti-

fied of safe receipt immediately on arrival.


All exhibits intended for competition must be in their entirety the property of the exhibitor but exhibits will also be received "hors concours". Exhibits by members of the Jury will of necessity be "hors concours".