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ë 4630. The first election of directors may take place at any Meeting of the town or borough called for that purpose. It shall first be determined by a by-law of the town, to be adopted at this meeting, what the number of directors constituting said board shall be, such number to be in all cases one divisible by three. One-third of this number shall then be elected by ballot to hold office until the next annual meeting, one-third until the second annual meeting, one-third until the third annual meeting thereafter. At each subsequent annual meeting of said town or borough, one-third of the directors shall be elected by ballot to hold office for three years. No director of a public library so elected shall receive compensation for any services rendered as director.

84631. The same board of education shall annually appoint fivè persons who shall be known as the «Connecticut public library committeer. No member of said committee shall receive any compensation for his services as such member, but the committee may expend a sum not exceeding seven hundred and ntty dollars for clerical assistance and incidental and necessary expenses incurred in the discharge of' its duties.

§ 4632. The librarian or director of any public library and the teachers of any public school may ask said committee for advice and assistance in regard to the selection, purchase, and cataloguing of books, and any other matters pertaining to the maintenance or administration of the library, and the committee shall give advice and assistance in regard to said matters so far as it shall find itpracticable to do so. The committee shall annually report its doings to the govemor.

g 4633. If any town having no free public library shall establish a free public library and shall provide for the care, custody, and distribution of books and for the future maintenance and increase of such library in a manner satisfactory to said librarycomittee, said committee may expend for books to be selected by the said committee a sum not to exceed the amount expended by *he said town for the establishment of such library and not to

exceed two hunderd dollars.

g 4634. The treasurer of the state shall pay the bills incurred

under the provisions of law for free libraries, upon the or^er the secretary of the state board of education, Said board shall keep an account of all moneys expended under Prg. 4631 and 4633, and the comptroller shall annually audit said account. 1 he provisions of Prg. 26 and 28 shall not apply to the payment of

money expended under Prg. 4631 anc^ 4Ö33-

§ 4635. No person shall be ineligible by reason of sex to serve on the board of directors of any public library, or on the connecticut public library committee.