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of the Commission, shall be paid, including the necessary expense

in the maintenance extension of the trave g f : ' suaii

nrovided that the whole amount of said expense and salaries shall S"tctile s„m of ,ix thousand (» 6 ooc) dolars ,»a«y o.e

vear, nor more than three thousand five hu"dr^ ex.

'lars of said sum to be used in the payment of saLnes ana ex

penses of the Commission and Secretary. AU blUs,'"C,!rre^ tf the Commission or by its members under the law shal be certn fied by the President and Secretary of the

state auditor who shall issue warrants therefor upon the state Sasurv and ïhere is hereby annually appropriated from any funds in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated the^™ six thousand >8 6.000) dollars to cany mto effect the P^'s^ons of this act. and anv balance not expended in anj one >ear m be added by Commission the expenditure for any ensuing ) • All accounts and bills for expenses of the Secretary andgember of the Commission and all bills for expenditure. b> th:Comj sion, shall be itemized and verified and be aud.ted and alloued by the executive council before being pai .