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daim to share in a prize, either as having made the capture, or as having been within signal distance ot the vessel or vessels making the capture, the commanding officer of such vessel shall make out a written statement of his claim, with the grounds on which it is founded, the principal facts tending to show what vessels made the capture, and what vessels were within signal distance ol those making the capture, with reasonable particulanty as to times, distances, localities, and signals mado, seen, or answered; and such statement of claim shall be signed by him and sent to the court in which proceedings shall be had, and shall be filed in the cause.

Sec. 4617. The prize master shall make his way auigentlv to the selected port, and there immediately deliver to a prize commissioner the documents and papers, anu the inventory thereof, and make affidavit that they aie the same, and are in the same condition as delivered to him, or explaining any absence or change of condition therein, and that the prize property is in the saine condition as delivered to him, or explaining any loss or damage thereto; and he shall further report to the aisti u t attorney and give to him all the information in hisJassession respecting the prize and her capture; and he shali deliver over the persons sent' as witnesses to the custoay of the marshal, and shall retain the prize is his custody until it shall be taken therefrom by process from the prize court. (See Sec. 5441).