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Revival van de Christelijke (huiheid. i) Dit laatste natuurlijk mutatis mutandis, aangezien de eerste Christenen met liet toenmalige Heidendom, Wksley en Whitefield daarentegen met de reeds gevestigde vormen van het eeuwenoude Christendom in conflict kwamen.

Van deze Revival-idee dienen wij thans ten eerste den oorsprong en daarna de realiseering na te gaan.


Een Revival, — gedefinieerd als: de buitengewone openharing van de kracht Gods in de bekeering van zorgelooze zondaren, en de levendmaking van het geloof in de reeds bekeerden,2)—is eene godsdienstige beweging, die vooral in Gereformeerde landen zooals Engeland,

not by tens, or bj- hundreds only, but by thousands; yea, by rayriads! — Wesley aan zijn broeder ChahleS (Works. XII, p. 112): Wherever I liave been in hnglnnd, the soeieties are 1'ar more lirmly and rationally attached lo the (.hureh than ever they were before. I liave no fear about this matter. I only fear the Preachers or the People's leaving, not the Church, but the love of God, and inward or ontward holiness. 'l'o this I press them forward continually. I dare not, in conscience, spend my time and strength 011 externals. II', as my I-ady (Huntingdon) says, all ontward establishments are Babel, so is tliis establishment. Let it stand for me. I neither set it tip, nor pull it down. Butletyou and I build up the city of God. Whitefield, Works. I. p. Wi: oh fora revival of true and undeflled reli«ion in all seets whatsoever! I long to see a catholic spirit overspread the World. P. 115: I long for professors to leave oir placing religion in saying: I am a churchman •, «I am a Dissenter». My language to such is: «are you ol Christ?» 11' so, I love you with all my heart.

1) Wksley, Works, VIII, p. 2tt3: Upon reflection, I saw how exaclly, in this also, we had copied aller the primitive Church. XIII, p. 21!»: They (de Amerikaansche Methodisten) are now at full liberty, simply to follow the Scriptures and the primitive Church. - Whitefield, Works, I, p. 4: Me thinks we should imitatc them as far as we can.

2) Lectures on the Reoival of Religion, by Ministers of the Church of Scotland, p. iv: Revival = «an unusual manifestation of the power of the grace of God in convincing and converting careless sinners, and in quickeningand increasing the faith and piety of believers».