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Voor de bewering, dat de Heilige Geest zich voortdurend uitstort in de gemeente1) en in eigen hart,2) doet men dan een beroep op teksten zooals Hand. 8 : 17 en 10 : 45, en de Methodist komt er open en rond voor uit in dezen tot het gezelschap der Kwakers te behooren. 3) Op dezen controvers tusschen verschillende kerkgroepen aan den éénen en enthousiasten van alle gading aan den anderen kant kan hier niet in den breede worden ingegaan. Derhalve neem ik hier slechts over wat Dr. A. Kuyper 4) dienaangaande summierlijk schrijft: «Wat is Pinksteren Wat op Pinksteren te Jeruzalem in de opperzaal geschied

1) Gregory, Ifoli/ Church, p. 40: Might not this (Acts 8:17) be a repetition, in part, of the phenomenon of Pentecost? a supernatural command of other tongues, and a burning, high-toned. heavenly eloquence of praise, so that men spake with the tongues of angels? We know that this is what occurred at Gaesarea, under Peter's ministration; and so little is God's free Spirit bound by a rigid regularity, that those gifts caiue upon the first gentile congregation before baptism.

The importance and necessity of this lesson is shown by the daring and dogged polemical disregard of the striking diversities in the Spirit's operation in these two critical and crucial events. Baronius and the Romanists insist upon the one instance, and Calvin and his partisans insist upon the other, and both alike refuse not only to correlate, but even to allow any real signiticance to the complementary event which does not favour, but forbids and rebukes their respeetive theories.

2) Unsworth, a.w., p. 183: We too must wait for the outpouring of the Spirit to tit u8 for Church work and to apply the truth we teach. — Het onderscheid tusschen illuminatie en inspiratie schijnt Wesley niet te handhaven. Hij geloofde ook aan een inspiratie des Christens. die hij de „Testimony of the Spirit" noemt. (Works, XII, p. 83). In Deel V, p. 34, zegt hij: It nothing helps them to say: „We do not deny the assistance of God's Spirit; but only this iiispiration, this receiving the Holy Ghost, and being sensible of it. It is only this feeling of the Spirit, this being moved by the Spirit, or tilled with it, which we deny to have any place in sound religion". But, in only denying this, you deny the whole Scriptures; the whole truth. and promise, and testimony of God.

3) Wesley, Works, XIII. p. 83: If the Quakers hold the same pereeptible inspiration with me, I am glad: and it is neither better nor worse for their holding it. — Gregory, Holy Church, p. 40: But some man will say, This lias a very suspicious look of Quakerism. Yery well. Did we not agree at the outset not to distress ourselves at the discovery that this or that Christian community was not altogether in the wrong?

4) Uit het Woord, 1875, II, p. 201.