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8. Devotion and the Spiritual Life. E.

9. Dharma. S.

10. Doctrine ot the Heart. E. W.

11. Eastern Castes and Western Classes. S.

12. Emotion, Intellect and Spirituality. S.

47. Esoterie Christianity. S.

13. Evolution of Life and Porm. S.

306. A Fragment of Autobiography (1875-1891). G.

14. The Future that awaits us. S.

15. Glossary of Theosophical lerms. S.

16. Individuality. S.

45. Karma. S.

286. A Lodge of the Theosophical Society. E.

17. Man and his Bodies. S.

18. Man's Place and Function in Nature. S.

287. Masters as Facts and Ideals. S.

19. Materialism undermined by Science. S.

20. The Meaning and the Use of Pain. E.

21. The Means of India's Regeneration. S.

22. Natural and Spiritual Bodies. S.

23. Occultism, Semi-Occultism and 1 seudo-Occultism. S

24. The Path of Discipleship. E. S.

25. The l'ilgrimage of the Soul. E. S.

26. The Place of Peace. E.

27. The Place of Politics in the Life of a Nation. S.

28. Some Problems of Life. S. W.

29. Reincarnation. S.

30. Religions (Four Great). S.

31. Religions (Ihe Hidden Side of) S.

288. The Religious Problem in India. S.

32. Sacraments and Revelation. S.

23. The Self and its Sheaths. S.

34. The Seven Principles of Man. S.

35. The Story of the Great War. (Mahabharata). E. W.