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Haggard. H. Rider, The People of the Mist.


Harraden. Beatrice, Ships that pass in the Night. „ The Fowler.

„ The Scholar's Daughter.

Hilda Strafford.

Hardy. Thomas, The Trumpet Major.

„ Far from the Madding Crowd.

„ Life's Little Ironies.

Harte. Bret, The Luck of Roaring Camp. „ Two Men of Sandy Bar.

„ Tales of the Argonauts.

Henty. g. A., A Jacobite Exile.

„ The Dash for Khartoum.

„ The Young Franc Tireurs.

Hope. Anthony, The Prisoner of Zenda.

„ The Heart of Princess Osra.

„ Rupert of Hentzau.

„ The Ohronicles of Count Antonio.

„ Phroso.

„ Stories of School Life.

Hornung. Ernest William, A Bride from the Bush. Hughes. Thomas, Tom Brown's School-Days.

„ Tom Brown at Oxford.

Hume. Fergus W., The Mystery of a Hansom Cab. Hungerford. Mrs., Molly Bawn.

Irving. Washington. The Sketch Book.

„ Bracebridge Hall.

Jacobs. W. W., Sea Urchins.

„ Many Cargoes.

„ The Skipper's Wooing.

„ A Master of Craft.

„ Light Freights.

„ The Lady of the Barge.

Jerome. K. Je rome, Three Men in a Boat.

„ Three Men on the Bummel.

Novel Notes.