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Our fathers to their graves have gone;

Their strife is past, — their triumph won; But sterner trials wait the race Which rises in their honoured place, — A moral warfare with the crime And folly of an evil time.

So let it be. In Ood's own might We gird us for the coming fight, And, strong in Him whose cause is ours, In conflict with unholy powers,

We grasp the weapons he has given, — The light, and truth, and love of Heaven.

Personal Reminiscences.

Josephine Grey, later echtgenoote van den predikant George Butler, werd geboren in het jaar 1828 op Dilston, een landgoed in de nabijheid van het stadje Glendale in Northumberland, op de Schotsche grens. „Opgroeiend buiten op het land, ver van het groote „stadsleven," verhaalt zij ons, „in het pro-educatieve