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in de Engelsche taal, zooals ze voorkomt in de uitgave van dien dans.

La Charmeuse.

A New Saloon da nee.

This dance consists of three parts of 16 bars each. The lady and gentleman take their stand side by sido in the 31(1 position, the left foot before tho right one. The lady's left hand rests in the gentleman's right one. Both hands are lifted up to the height of the shoulder, the arm is held gracefully bent.

The gentleman places the left hand akimbo, the lady holds her skirt with her right hand and before beginning the dance both drop a courtsy.

No. 1. Four pas de Basque forward, beginning with the left foot. — 4 bars.

The gentleman makes his lady perform a Tour de Valse inward and outward, without unclasping the hand.

- é bars; the gentleman is standing in the 2»d position, the weight of the body resting on the left leg, the lady passes underneath the gentleman's arm.

The lady and gentleman waltz round, the gentleman beginning with the left foot, the lady with the right one. — 8 bars.

No. 2. The lady and gentleman are placed as in No. 1. The gentleman begins with the left foot, the lady with the right one and both make two Balancés sideward.

— 2 bars.

In executing the first Balancé the lady and gentleman turn a little away from each other, in making the 2nti they incline a little towards each other, and describe a