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elegant curve with the arm. The lady and gentleman make a Tour de Valse turning round each outside and letting the hands loose. — 2 bars.

Waltz as No. 1.-4 bars.

Repetition of the same part. — 8 bars.

No. 3. The lady places herself opposite the gentleman, who stands with the back turned to tho middle of the ïoom.

The gentleman offers his right hand to the lady who

places hers in his.

Lady and gentleman perform Balancé forward and backward, both beginning with the right foot.

(Position as in menuet). — 2 bars.

Half tour de main (Waltz) — 2 bars.

Repetition of the Balancé, the left hands being clasped together. — 2 bars.

Half tour de main (Waltz) to the left. - 2 bars.

The gentleman beginning with the left foot.

Waltz as in No. 1.

The numbers follow in this order:

No. 1. Once *) No. 1. Once.

No. 2. Twice. No. 3. Twice.

•) Before the repetition of No. 1 the lady and gentleman make two steps (Marché a la Menuet) 2 bars, the gentleman beginning with the left foot, the lady with the right one, and drop a courtsy to each other.