Onderstaande tekst is niet 100% betrouwbaar

Hali Meidenh. 45 20, Eadi godes spuse liaue ]>is ilke mihte [>at tu nu Jtunchc jieostri.

Ibid. 47/6, ne nul ich naut for a lust of a lute hwile ]»at hit punclie delit awai vvarpe fiat |>ing hvvas lure ichulle bireuien wi\ute couerunge. See also 27/11, 35/1, 39/10 & 43 19.

Owl and Nightingale 263 (346), Ne bo |ie song never so murie, |>at he ne s/uil junctie wel unmurie.

Ibid. 417 (840), hit piiic/i sol» al jat ]>u seist.

Woman of Samaria (O. E. Misc.) 19, Hvvat ar-tu [>at drynke me byst. pa pinchcst of iudelonde.

South Eng. Leg. 10/311, |ie giwes comen and founden I'at treo fleotinde [>are bi cas: huy nomen hit up, for hit pon ste fil and foul.

Ibid. 85/62, pis maidc poujjlc al a-fuyre: ase huy Jat stoden |>are i-seije.

Ibid 93/37, 'maidc', seide [ie Aumperur, 'pou pinchcst gent and freo!'

Shoreham's Poems I 808, hyt pinfcp bote o| er bred An hea.~ | at |>e prest healde[).

Castell off Loue 720, the castel ... is rhddore Jien euere eny ros schal, pat punchcp as hit barnde al.

It vvould be easy to collect hundreds of instances of the \ construction of pyncan. A few may suffice here.

Beowulf 843, him fold-wegas ftegere jmhton.

Orosius 92/27, Hu pyncd cow nu?

l'ast. Care 176/20, & 011 o\re wisan |mon sceal manigean| \a Jte *\isse hwilendlican are wilnia\, & him nan gesvvinc ne (tynrd [t.x-t hie hie h;ebben, 011 o\re \a [»e him (tynat miccl earfodu ....

7. wa beon, 'be ill with', with a'ativc.

Beowulf 183, wa bid [teem Jie sceal [>urh sli\ne ni\ savvle bescufan.

Gen. 634, Monige hwile bid pam men full wa.

Elenc 628, him wees geomor sefa, hat at hcortan ond gehwae^res wa.

Salomo and Saturnus 104, him bid rut heartan wa.

Ibid. 325, wa bid \onne dissum viodgum monnum.

Compl. of the Kallen Angels 342, him wees a;ghwaer wa.