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Alex. & Dind. 414, thei ben kindely coren as heucnc king liklis.

Ibid. 445, whan god Hkep from lif lede vs to blisse we liggen doun.

Cleanness 1726, Jiise ar ]>e wordes hcre wryten withoute werk more, By uch fygure, as I fynde, as oure fadcr lykes.

Chaucer, C&nt. T. G 239, god lykctli the requeste.

Hoccleve, Reg. of Pr. 727, His grac'c liki/t jiat.

O. E. Hom. I, p. 103, l>an tnon ne lust on his liue man god don.

Chaucer, Troil. & ('ris. I 518,... hem that Love list febly for to avaunce.

Id. Cant. T. B 3185, foriune list to flee.

Id. Ibid. B 3380, fortunc list to glose.

Gower, Conf. Am. VII 4023, thanne a king list noght to plie...

Hoccleve, Minor P. III 107, Wilful youthe not obeie lest.

Id. Ibid. XIX 27, lier lady lust to shew her grace.

Id. Ibid. XXI 212, If god his grace lyst ther-to me lene.

Id. Ibid. XXI 287, whan god list it fall.

Myr. of oure Ladye 42/34, Slouthe by whiche a dullarde lyste not to laboure.

Ibid. 49/7, god lyste not to here his prayer.

S. E. Leg. 431/374, J>e soulc longueth |)are-afturward.

Shoreham, Seven Sacr. 193, heuene blisse |>at many a man after longeth. Wel sore...

Conf. Am. VI 2414, min her te sore longeth 'lo wite what it wol de mene.

Rob. of Br. Handlyng Synne 3459, |iat pore pryde, god hyt lojtcs.

Destr. of Troy 11984, To se hit lenie 011 a low. laithes not /ti hert?

Conf. Am. VII 3786, This tale nedeth noght be glosed.

Secr. Secretorum, 2ud transl. 74 19, if a man nede to cast, be it in ]>e mydouernone.

Curs. Mundi 29077 C, drunkun mans orisun wantes al right deuocion.