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quent employment, and partly perhaps to syntactical confusion with the allied verb jtenchen. Aft er 1300 other type A verbs also enter into constructions like those quoted above. This shows that the difterence between type A and 'personal' verbs was beginning to be lost sight of; most of the fornier, in fact, were already used'personally' now and then; still, to contend that in the following quotations lopen etc. are 'personal' verbs, would be stretching the point too far.

Surtees Psalter LIX 1, pon ert wrath with vs, and mves of vs.

Poems Harl. MS. 2253 1096, y shal falie hem byfore & lurnen huere lay, and reiveti alle huere redes.

Hamp. Works I, p. 50 Camb. MS., he es ay his lufe thynkand, and oft-syth |iarof es dremande; Rawl. MS. 011 p. 385 similar.

Id. Ibid. p. 290 (= Pr. Treat. of Rich. Rolle of Hamp. p. 41), .">a sumtyme when li(it) hase maste devocyone and ware latheste forto leue it; Vernon MS. similar.

Cursor Mundi 49712 C, first he ivald Jiam mak agast And si{>an reu on jiam atte last; other texts similar.

Ibid. 5803— '4 T, he ys ful fira & laji zvil be to lete ham ga.

Gestes of Alis. 776, Jte Ladie lay 011 hur bed & lysted too slepe.

Alex & Dind. 212, god aloïceji ,~our lif & like]> ,~our dedis.

Ibid. 315—'17, T 'o godus pay is our peple in bettur point founde, Hirn to lonen as hur lord & like liini to sevue, |ian fale o|>ir folk ben.

Bruce, XI 543, I11 gret hye teen/ he ... Anoyit in his hert and wa.

Piers PI. B, Prol. 72, I.eived men leued hym wel and lyked his wordes.

Ibid B V 4, |ianne zuakrd 1 of my wynkynge and wa t^as with-alle.

Ibid. C XXIII 195, Site louede me fore and leef was to feele ...