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Rum. Rose B 3266, to thee [it] bcttcr is Fro.ii these folk awey to fare.

Orol. Sap. 347/34, hit is beste to me for to seye with |ie prophete .. .

Ibid. 360/10, hit hadde be beller to me 3if l had neuer be borne.

Book of the Kn. of La Tour Landry 44 9, it were bel ter to you, that ye lacked to here an hundred masses.

Gesta Rom. p. 199. Harl. lie thowte. [>at hit u/er beste for kim to go his olde frende; cf. Add., he thought it is beller to me now for to goo to my frende.

Ibid. p. 201, Harl. hit is beste for me that I now opyn my synne.

Ibid. p. 337, Add.. it is good to you to graunte hym the Empire.

Ibid. p. 387, Add., It had ben better for the for to haue had |ii life.

Ibid. p. 402, Add., Therfore it is better to me to be-leue wele.

Merlin 2514, It were best for vs to sle him.

M. E. Rule of St. Benet II 2053, oftsithes sall be sene ... no gude ] at to Jtam maij gaijne.

Henrysone, Fables 80, Thocht I the find, thow gauis not for me.

Ibid. 112, Thow gauis not for me, no I for the.

Monk of Evesham p. 50, hyt happid vnto me also in myne laste ende that etc.

Ayenbite, p. 210, na,~t ne lackejt to ham |»at louiel» god.

Ibid. p. 256. Senekes zay[» Jiet [ie ne lacke[> to greate /hordes: bote zoji ziggers.

Chaucer, Cant. T. F 498, ther lakketh nothing to tlajn ut ter yen.

Secr. Secret. 31'd. transl. 161/10, I shall show the what is hit that thynge that lackyth vnto ham that haue al richesis in Possession.

Govver, Conf. Am., II 209, it is unwys vengance which to non other man is lief.

Id„ Ibid. V 6564, — sche that is to me most lief; sim. V 6751 ; VI 639.