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13S5— '6 ld. Leg. of G W. 1536, He luidde lever him-self

to mordre, and deye...

138Ó— ? Id. Cant. T. B 3083, I hadde lever than a barel ale That goode lief my wyf hadde herd this tale! Ibid. B 4310, I hadde lever than my sherte That ye had rad his legende.

Ibid. D 168, Yet hadd \ lever wedde no wyf toyere!

Ibid. E 2163, Lever ich luidde dyen on a knyf, Than thee offende, trewe dere wyf !

Ibid. F 683, I luulde lever than twenty pound worth lond... He were a man of swich discrecioun As that ye been !

Ibid. F 692, he hath lever talken with a page. Ibid. F 1360, yet have I lever lese My lyf than of my body have a shame.

Ibid. F 1476, I hadde wel lever y-stiked for to be. Ibid. F 1531, I have wel lever to suffre wo Than I departe the love betwix yow two.

Ibid. F 1596, Arveragus Had lever dye... Than that his wyf were of hir trouthe fals.

Ibid. F 1600, she lever had lost that day hir lyf. 1393 Gower, Conf. Am. I 1511, This knyght hath levere forto deye than breke his trouthe.

Ibid. II 1582, hir herte drowh to... go wher she hadde levere.

Ibid. II 2418, yit hadde .1 levere 1 my simplesce forto die.

Ibid. III 479, I hadde levere to be lewed.

Ibid. IV 2747, I hadde levere be mi trouthe... Bothe yhen of myn hed were oute.

Ibid. V 86, I hadde hir levere than a myn of Gold. c. 1400 Destr. of Troy, 8049, I hade letter my lyf leue in this place, Than any lengur to lyffe & my luff tyne!

14— Torr. of Port. 320 I had levyr on a Day to fyght Than all my fathyrys lond.

Ibid. 1476, I had lever to haue that knyght. c. 1420 St. Editha 1613, letter he hadde to abyde ry.jt |>erc