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Henrysone, Rohyn and Mak. (Percy) 4, O Robyn, rew on me.

Bonaventura's Medit. 473. Penke man, now & rewe on hire syghyng.

Chaucer, Cant. T. F 947, Madame, reweth upon my peynes smerte.

Id. Troil. & Cris. IV 1176, O lord... Rewe eek on me! Poems Harl. MS. 2253 207/43, moder, rewe of motler care.

65. The D construction of rewen had established itself in English as early as the beginning of the 14th century.

c. 1310 Poems Harl. MS. 2253 231/13, [at we han ydon.

yrede we reowen sore.

c. 1320 Cursor Mundi 9618 F, how shuldist Jtou rew on hym ought; T and Bedf. simil.; C & G have the A constr.

Ibid. 15695 G, Of [taitn redeles he reud sare; T simil.; C & F have the A constr.

Ibid. 18419 C, I praid o me he suld reu; all the other MSS. similar.

c. 1340 Hampole, Works I p. 61, When wil/iou rew, 011 me?

Ibid. I p. 147, I die for hunger, bot pou on me ren. c. 1386 Cant. T A 3362, I preye yow that ye wol rewe on me.

1393 Conf. Am. Prol. 1004, He may that werre sore rewe.

Ibid. III 1610, ye rewe upon my tale.

Ibid. V 5760, Of myn astat, ye wolde rewe. J400-'50 Beves of Hamt. 178. Manch. MS., If thou hyr haue,

thou shalt it rewe.

c. 1420 Iloccleve, Minor Poems II 136, Thow o gillist reewe on it.

Ibid. II 467. Come on, whan yow list, yee shul reewe it deere.

Ibid. XXIII 490, thou shalt it nat reewe ne forthynke.

Ibid. XXIV 652, he thoghte, reewe shee sliolde.

66. The A construction kept its ground till about the end of the 15th century.