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1824. Discovery, A great, of the Queen's preparation in Holland, to assist the King in England. Also, how Her Majesty hath sent her Standard .. . over to Newecastle. As it was sent in a letter from Rotterdam, dated Dec. 16 stilo novo. Lond. 1642. 4to. br. f ^>50

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1825. Discovery, The, of a great and wicked conspiracy against this Kingdom in generall, and the City of London in particular. Being a letter sent from the Hague in Holland, intercepted, and read in both Houses of Parliament the 26 of Nov. 1642. Also, what preparations... there is now made in Holland, France and Denmark, to assist the Kings Majesty in England. Lond. 1642. 4to. cart. —

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1826 . Même ouvrage. Lond. 1642. (Autre édition). 4to. cart. f 9,—

1827. Declaration of the Lords and Commons of the Parliament of England, to the High and Mighty Lords, the States of the United Provincies (concernant secours des Etats Généraux aux ennemis (e. a. Lord Digby) du Parlement. Lond. 1642. 4to. cart. f

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1828. Henriette d'Angleterre. - Newes from Holland: Of the

Entertainment Of the Queenes Most Excellent Majestie Of Great Britaine, The Young Princesse Marie, The Prince and Princesse of Orange, with The young Prince their Sonne, and most part of the Nobility at Amsterdam; etc.... Also Divers other remarkable passages from Liepsich, Erford, Collen, Wessell, and divers other places. London, Impr. pour Ed. Blackmore, May the 20tli. 1642. 4to. d. veau. f 40,

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1829 . Relation, A true, of the Queenes Majesties, returne out

of Holland, and, of Gods mercifull preservation of Her from those great dangers wherein Her Royall Person was engaged both by Sea and Land. Also H. M.'s letter sent to the States about the stay of Her Ammunitionship. Oxford, 1643. 8 ff. 4to. dos et coins d. veau. Tres rare. f 20,—

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1830. Admirable and notable things of note: viz. 1. The royal letter sent from the French king to his brother the king of England. 2. A coppy of Lord Digbies last letter to the Queen. 3. The Queenes answer to the same. 3. A horrible treason discovered from Holland, which was plotted by a company of

Mart. Nijhoff, a La Haye. — Catal. No. 358.