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The female beauty

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Introduction 1

I. The modern conception of beauty • 4

II. The presentation of female beauty in sculpture and painting. 13

III. Female beauty in literature 25

IV. The doctrine of proportions and the canon 33

V. Influence of development, nutrition and mode of life on te body 50 VI. Influence of sex, age and heredity 57

VII. Influence of diseases on the bodily form 05

VIII. Influence of dress on the bodily form 76

IX. Appreciation of the body generally, from the given points of view 84

X. Appreciation of the several parts of the body 99

a. The head 99

b. The trunk, as a whole, breast, abdomen, back 122

G'onnection of the trunk with head and limbs, viz. Female

neck and shoulders, hips and buttocks 158

c. Upper Limbs, Arm, hand 172

d. Lower Limbs, leg, foot 182

XI. Survey of the conditions of normal bodily formation .... 190

XII. Beauty of colour 195

XIII. Beauty of movement 204

XIV. Practical value of the scientific conception of female beauty . 267 XV. Value in art and art-criticism. — Models 289

XVI. Directions for the maintenance and improvement of female beauty 304