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The female beauty

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of living. The standard may indeed, vary a great deal in individual cases, but it is nevertheless always subject to immutable laws; for perfect beauty and perfect health coincide.

In this way alone can we attain to a standard firmly based on facts, which we can apply independently of individual taste, at best an uncertain quantity.

But 1 believe there is, besides this, a certain practical value in my investigations, since it foliows from them that we are able, especially in the case of growing youth, to increase and esalt bodily health and beauty at one and the saiue time.

Still, before I proceed to consider from this new standpoint the known facts, multiplied by my own observations, I must, for the sake of better understanding, roughly sketch the different ways in which attempts have been made, up till now, to reach the ideal of beauty and, particularly, the modern conception of beauty, and to throw critical light on the circumstances that have contributed to its formation.