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The female beauty

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It foliows therefrom, that the principal forms of the face are determined by the bony substratum, but in such a way as to leave plenty of room for individual conformation witliin normal limits.

It is a necessary requirement with both sexes that the teeth sliould be evenly disposed, white and smooth; in a woman there

Fig. £1. Spanish Lady (Valencia).

is, in addition, the greater breadth of the front, upper incisors to be taken into account.

The muscles afford yet finer shades of individuality. Their apparent irrugularity becomes explicable (Merkel), when it is considered that they are all grouped about the apertures of the face, the eyes, the- ears, the nose and the mouth, as either constrictor or levator muscles. The constrictor muscles lie circularly about the aperture, whilst the levator muscles lie radially at the margin.