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The female beauty

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the sides and should be Hattened to a sliallow furrow in the median line. It only becomes prominent when there is an excessive fattv formation.

The navel may be small or large, flat or deep, high or low. As a large navel is the outcome of a defective closing of the umbilical ring, a small navel must be beautiful, because it is the outcome of a better development. And as, in a woman, a large accumulation of fat about the navel, which at the same time deepens it, is one of her secondary sexual characters, a deep navel is preferable. The navel is lowest in a child, and, as the development of the body goes on it moves up higher and higher, in both sexes: a high position of the navel is accordingly a sign of good development.

With regard to a woman's navel, we may therefore describe it as faulty, if it is large, flat and low in position, and as excellent, when it is small, deep and high in position.

When there is a proper inclination of the pelvis, not more than the anterior third of the pudenda can be seen from in front, in an upright attitude. When the development is good, the labia form two elastic tuberosities which pass posteriorlv from in front and which, even when the legs are spread moderately apart, adhere to one another at the pubic fissure and cover the underlying parts. When the legs are stretched wide apart, the nymphae appear as a light-red, cock's-comb-like formation in the depths.

Any flapping of the pubic fissure or jutting-out of the nymphae over the labia are defects. The latter is a frequent occurrence, even in Europe. In such cases, the nymphae acquire a brown colour. Among Hottentot women, the defect is very common and verv pronounced; it is called in German the " Hottentottenschürze" (Hottentot-apron).


The back constitutes the common reverse side of the breast and belly. The beauty of its form depends first and foremost on the normal structure of the bony substratum; and the principles I have just laid down apply to it also.