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The female beauty

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details, in order not to obliterate the general impression by an excessive abundance of them.

If we review the facts adduced up 1ill now, we see, first of all, that we possess a series of measurements, whose size and mutual relations are inexorably prescribed by Nature. A body which possesses the required measurements is normal; every deviation from them is a defect.

Variations within the normal limits determine individuality.

In order to judge the normal bodilv structure we have to settle, as the most important measurements:

1. Heiglit of body.

2. Half length of body from above, in order to fix the middle

O %/ '

of the body.

3. Heiglit of head.

4. Length from nose to os pubis. (Fritsch-Schmidt's modulus).

5. Circumference of chest.

6. Breadth of temples.

7. Breadth of shoulders.

8. Breadth of waist.

9. Breadth of hips.

10. Distance between the nipples.

11. Pelvic measurements.

a) Anterior breadth of iliac spines.

b) Breadth of iliac crests.

c) Breadth of condyle of the femur (breadth of hips).

d) Posterior breadth of iliac spines.

12. Length of foot.

In order to turn these measurements to account, we have the foliowing equations:

1. Heiglit of body — 7 Va — 8 heights of liead =10 heights of face = 9 lengths of hand = 6—7 lengths of foot = 10'a submoduli.

2. Breadth of temples = heiglit of face.

3. Length of arm = 3 heights of head.

4. Length of leg = 4 heights of head = upper length as far as the step.