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The female beauty

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Figs. 112 shows the first stage in a well-made girl of 20.

If the trunk is more flexed, and the back is arched, a kink arises on the anterior abdominal surface, rather above the navel and below the antero-inferior costal margin.

This " waist-kink " is quite a natural phenomenon of bending, and can also be seen on the bodies of youthful, lean persons with an elastic skin; it lias been reproduced too, in classic Art, amongst others in the instance of the sitting Aphrodite in the Yatican.

Fig. 113 shows the normal bodily kink on the tender body of a girl of 12, who represents tliesecond stage of flexion.

In the third stage occurs a further kink of the anterior abdominal wall, which, passing betwcen the lower belly and the mons

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Red-haired Danish woman. rection of the loins; it is the Photograph by Dr. Kuhn-ïaber.

"kink of the lower belly." This, too, is normal, and is of regular occurrence. In this stage the abdomen projects more visibly between the two kinks, and most visibly in the umbilical region, which is richly cushioned with fat.