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The female beauty

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Such kinks are caused by the thrusting together of the skin over the extended and shortened abdominal muscles.

Both kinks are normallv represented in Fig. 114, in which, owing to the half profile posture, the simultaneous, more pronounced curve of the back is visible. Thanks to its elastic skin, this body too possesses normal lines, in spite of the abundance of fat.

Fig. 117. The same, in a bent attitude.

The extremest stage of flexion is represented by the attractive body of a young ltalian woman (Fig. 115). The flexion is so pronounced, that the breasts rest upon the thighs and the chin upon the knee.

Apart from the fact that the lumbar fold between the trunk and raised leg is deepened and lengthened, we can only perceive, in spite of the extreme flexion, two kinks, the waist kink and the