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The female beauty

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sitting and standing; when the body is in motion, the chief postures are walking and running.

The deductions with regard to kneeling, squatting, walking on an inclined plane, going up and down stairs, lifting, carrving, pushing, dancing etc., are obvious.

Fig. 122. Pronounced and faulty kinks in the act of rotation and flexior

on the left side.

A systematic review of the whole matter can be found in Fritsch and Richer.

The upright position.

When the body is in an upright position, it naturally endeavmrs to assume an attitude in which the equilibrium will be maintsined with the least muscular exertion.

That object is easiest attained by thrusting forward the felvic region, and by slightly bending the slioulders and thrusting them backwards. The resulting "easy attitude" (Fig. 123 on the right hand) should be regarded as the natural upright position.