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The female beauty

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illustrations given suffice to prove, that the body in motion can also be judged in a quite objective way, and that a standard can also be applied to it, which, as in the case of beauty at rest, fixes the limits within which the innumerable instances of beauty in movement, of female grace, are to be found.


Practical value of the scientific conccption of Female Beauty.

Scientific research is only of general value, when it has been made to serve a practical purpose.

Considering that the female body, as such, has, since the abolition of the slave-traffic, no longer any market-value, it is needful to be able to judge it by a fixed standard, and to acquire a certain expertness in it, as in the case of connaisseurs of horses or wines: in general, no more is necessary.

But, nevertheless, bodily beauty has even now a high value for the woman who possesses it, the more so since it is at the same time a sign of bodily health.

The development and formation of female beauty can be voluntarily furthered or injured, and especially during the years of growth. A fixed standard for judging beauty is, therefore, of great value for everybody, who has to watch over growing girls.

It is the sacred duty of the parents, and especially the mothers, to tenderly guard the budding body of the future woman from all injuries, and enable it by loving care to develope and unfold in beautiful blossom. I think with gratitude of several among them, who have had sufficiënt confideuce in me, to favour me with a share in this exalted task of theirs.

Secondly, the knowledge of the normal female body has a practical